DMR MD 380 Codeplug

TYT MD 380 codeplug

A warning to all  TYT MD-380/390 users.   It seems some 3rd party tools can change the password to your radio and not allowing users to read or write to the radio without knowing the password.   There is no simple way to recover the password and no help from TYT.   there are tools that can do it but they can be a nightmare to use.   The codeplugs found here do not reset any passwords and have the default passwords  from the factory.   which is NO password to read and write to the radio   and 00000000  for the password to edit settings from the radio


OK,   I have modified the Bluegrass DMR list by adding the following analog repeaters to a zone named analog, I also added them to a scan list named KYIN  I also programmed the 2 buttons next to the PTT button  Button 1  (top button) is   short press Monitor    long press is High/Low power

Button 2 (bottom button) is short press = Scan on/off  long press = Tight/Normal Squelch

441.350 654 DTS
462.575.  654 DTS  gmrs
444.425 107.2
442.300 146.2

446.000  simplex
446.100  simplex

443.975 100
443.700 146.2
444.900 100
444,200 88.5

444.050 91.5
462.550 141.3 g
442.625 107.2
444.410 654 DTS

here is the MD-380 codeplug in zip format



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